do you ever wonder which people in your life have used you as their “gay friend” in an argument?

… fuck

yeah damaged goods is less dr who more ‘if u do coke an interdimensional rift will open in ur brain and the planet will be destroyed’ u know how it is

ok good. i mean id think id remember mass murder but ???? it’s been a while anyway the mum killed a couple people and the sick kid like disintegrated or s/t but that was it im semiconfident

am i way off or are you mocking “only” three i cant tell

Anonymous: I just finally read and finished Lungbarrow. Needless to say, there are lot of er... interesting things that happen in it. I was just wondering what do you (besides Looms) take from the novel itself? And what things do you disagree with? 

the curse of the pythia is 100% bs propaganda, houses the physical objects are super neat if kinda cerulean?? same with the drudges. houses the concepts are my sociological babies. if leela had a biokid with andred a loom was involved bc otherwise it wouldnt be viable. that said they almost certainly didnt have a biokid bc seriously somebody would have mentioned in the gallifrey series. on the off chance they did it certainly wasnt theta thats just?????? fucking weird tbh. oh and leelas full name is p great

Anonymous: any possible way i can buy 'damaged goods' 

um yeah amazon is a thing im pretty sure. also ebay. and if the dropbox links are back online then you can get an epub for free. im on mobile so no link but if u go to molly bartonbones’ blog and click links on the sidebar and from there the eighth doctor link there’ll be a link THERE to my novels masterlist. damaged goods is a virgin new adventure.

@ jo: seven, roz gave them the coke, if i recall correctly, only like three people died i think?? although one of them was a little kid so

Anonymous: is it true that rtd wrote a novel about the doctor doing cocaine 

yes. yes he did. gallifreyan planet-destroying cocaine, specifically. damaged goods is a really weird book.

macie is si great i love macir. and cuttllwfish but modtly macie




this one time at a parents’ evening my mum told my english teacher that she was surprised i seemed so shy at school because at home i ran round ‘pretending to be a tiger’

and i didn’t speak to her all the way home until she asked me if i was upset because she’d embarassed me in front of the teacher

and i said



i am upset because i run around pretending to be a velociraptor, actually


Besides, the TARDIS isn’t smart about Earth colloquialisms. It once told a friend of the Doctor’s that the advertising phrase “Coke adds life” translated as “Class-A drugs bring your ancestors back from the grave”. —Frontier Worlds by Peter Anghelides (via youre-standing-on-my-scarf)

somehow i think the definition the actual people to whom the term applies use is more valid that the definition you got from wikipedia



hey aceinnatailsuit and intimeofperil your trakenite conlang wouldnt happen to have the words for “unique ideas” and “creativity”, would it? gallifreyan doesnt have any equivalent concepts so we’re looking at loanwords and i think itd be a fun homage to have to your work. also i would like to avoiding loaning english im sick of english

Hi, patrexes, great idea!  We’re still working on certain areas that would deal with these sorts of thoughts (and yet already using the language in fic…*sigh*) but there are already a few words/constructions that might prove useful, or at least akin to these concepts

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does kaffk’sis have a non-infinitive form? something akin to lit. “sky breaking”?